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The company for the supply and support of state of the art instrumentation for use within Ballistics R&D and proof testing.

Internal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the processes originally accelerating a projectile.

External Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the flight of a projectile through the air.

Terminal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the interaction between a projectile or explosion and its intended target.


B173 Proputer/B180 Closed Vessel HPI

The B173 is an essential tool for safe and accurate analysis of propellant combustion in closed vessels for both R&D and quality control work. The computerised data acquisition system allows comparative evaluation of thermodynamic characteristics according to US-MIL-Standard 286 B Method 801.1.2 and German standard TL-1376. Together with the B173 the B180 Closed Vessel are used for determining the combustion behaviour of propellants. The closed vessel is equipped with a cooling jacket and with a self sealing locking piece which has 2 electrodes embedded for electrical ignition. An adaptor accommodating a piezoelectric high pressure transducer is located opposite the locking piece. Adaptors for the B180 series are designed with special sealing construction for longer life of the closed vessels.

B173 Proputer Technical Data:

  • 2 transient channels for recording of pressure curve and well temperature
  • 12Bit resolution
  • 1MHz sample rate
  • Storage capacity of 4000 values
  • 1 B3060 Charge Amplifier
  • IEEE 488 Interface
  • RS 232 Interface
  • Dimensions: 370 x 300 x 160 mm
  • Gross Weight: 5K g
  • Power Supply: 85- 265 VAC, 50- 60 Hz
Photo: B173 Proputer/ B180 Closed Vessel HPI.

B180 Closed Vessel Technical Data:

Material: Chromium-molybdenium steel 30 CrNiMo8
Static Pressure: 5,000 Bar Max
Explosion heat of sample: 5,190 l/gram
Rise time: Max 1240 col/ gram min 5 msec
Temperature range: -20 to +80 Depending on type of propellant