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The company for the supply and support of state of the art instrumentation for use within Ballistics R&D and proof testing.

Internal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the processes originally accelerating a projectile.

External Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the flight of a projectile through the air.

Terminal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the interaction between a projectile or explosion and its intended target.


Luminys LabLight

Lighting for Maximum Quality in High-Speed Imagery

The Luminys LabLight, available in 30K or 15K configurations, is the first portable high intensity lighting system specifically designed for testing events that require high light output for high-speed photography.

Photo: Lab Light Power.

..The system runs on standard 240VAC supplies, powering the lighting heads from a specifically designed portable battery power unit. Meaning More light output without expensive power installation, power bills and drain on resources during testing.

..As with other Luminys systems long duration lighting can be achieved to not only capture the complete cycle of your event but also ensure ease of operation during the test. Over 10 second lighting times mean triggering can either be carried out manually of via remote control.

..Low level idle with instant high (1ms to full power and full colour temperature).means minimal heat output, no pneumatic cooling or shutter needed and no.warm-up time.

Two 30K LabLights were placed 1.5m from the path of a fast moving projectile in recent tests where a Phantom camera was used at over 63K fps with an exposure time of 1 micro second showed excellent results of the projectile approaching and penetrating the target.

Lighting can be further enhanced by the Luminys range of overhead reflectors and enclosures.

Photo: Blue 30K.

  • Brilliant 30,000 watts in remarkably compact fixture
  • Consistent 5400 Kelvin daylight colour with 96+ CRI
  • Absolutely flicker free up to 1,000,000 frames per second
  • Portable power station can be moved easily from one setup to the next and can be.
  • Can be configured to power one or two 30,000 watt units
  • Minimal cool-down needed between full power bursts.
  • Enhanced Spectrum Long (ESL) arc unique broad.linear lamp shape provides wrap around lighting. reducing shadows, hot spots and glare.
  • ESL technology has won numerous awards in film .and television including a Technical Achievement .Award from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and an Emmy Award.


Lablight Fixtures 30KW Fixture
Weight 13 Kg
Dimensions 65 x 35 x 35cm
Operating Power 30 KW
Lumens Output 1,500,000
Peak Illumination at 3M 97,700 Lux
Vertical Spread(50% Drop off) 32 Degrees
Horizontal Spread (50% Drop Off) 100 Degrees
Control Signal Connector 7 Pin Lemo
AC Power Connector 3 Pin Cee Form
DC Power Connector 3 Pin Veam
Power Supply  
Output DC Voltage Idle mode 65VDC
Output DV Power Idle mode 1.75 kw
Output DC Power SunBurst mode 30 KW
Lablight Power Supply (powers 2 light fixtures)
Weight 123 Kg
Dimensions 83 x 45 x 45 cm
Input Voltage 240 VAC 1 phase 50-60 Hz
Input Current 12 Amps
Power Consuption (Typical) 3500 W
Power Consuption (Max) 4200 W
Trigger Signal 24 VDC
Photo: Lab Light Output. Photo: Lab Light Light Distance.