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The company for the supply and support of state of the art instrumentation for use within Ballistics R&D and proof testing.

Internal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the processes originally accelerating a projectile.

External Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the flight of a projectile through the air.

Terminal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the interaction between a projectile or explosion and its intended target.


B630 Calibration Unit HPI

The frequent calibration of highly sensitive Piezoelectric Pressure Transducers is essential to maintain the integrity of your testing. These calibrations typically have to be carried out by returning the transducer to the manufacturer especially when very high pressure sensors are involved. HPI have developed a fast and cost effective yet accurate and automatically controlled calibration station for their customer’s needs. This desk top device consists of a B630 Pressure Generator, B630CU Control Unit, reference transducer and software for control, data recording and evaluation of your sensors.

Photo: B630 Pressure Generator.

B630 Pressure Generator

Consisting of:

Base plate
High pressure unit with plunger piston and valve
Adaptors for piezoelectric transducers
Electric drive for plunger piston
Reservoir for pressure medium
Safety cover

Photo: B630 Control Unit.

B630 CU Control unit

Consisting of:

Built in 2 channel charge amplifier
Charge calibrator with reference capacitor
Power supply
Interface to PC and B630 Pressure Generator


Tools and Accessories:

Reference transducer GP8
Adaptors for reference transducer
Adaptor for transducer to be tested
Automatic control software
Piezo cable for reference transducer
Piezo cable for transducer under test


Measuring range up to 1000 Mpa
System accuracy +/- 0.2%
Calibration time: approx 1 Minute