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The company for the supply and support of state of the art instrumentation for use within Ballistics R&D and proof testing.

Internal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the processes originally accelerating a projectile.

External Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the flight of a projectile through the air.

Terminal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the interaction between a projectile or explosion and its intended target.


B590 Optical Target System HPI

Measurement Principle

The B590 Optical Target System operates with two cameras with integrated illumination units and a reflecting foil of variable length. The target size and effective sensor area can be varied and allows shot position determination of small, medium and large calibres.

The Target area (variable e.g. 1 x 1 m, 2 x 2 m, 3 x 3 m, 4 x 4 m) is permanently monitored by 2 special CCD line cameras placed on the ground. The viewing angle of the two cameras is 60 degrees. An LED light source mounted on the camera generates a light curtain which is reflected back to the camera by a simple reflecting foil (e.g. mounted on a wall). Projectiles penetrating this light curtain will result in a shadowing effect. The CCD line cameras picture this shadow and deliver digital shadow signals. Owing to the clear geometric setup of the two cameras to each other, the position of the projectile can be highly accurately determined.

Photo: B590.

The calculated data (x, y coordinates) are transmitted digitally via cable or radio transmission to data evaluation and processing.

Results are displayed and evaluated by BWF3000/B590 Software, e.g.a+b, mean radius, rectangle etc.

Suitable for:

  • Measurements in subsonic, transonic and supersonic ranges
  • Measurements of individual shots and bursts
  • Tracer ammunition under certain conditions
  • All calibre sizes
  • Measurements at various distances, e.g.600 m
  • R & D and routine tests

Photo: B590 Setup.


  • Variable sensor areas
  • No controls at the target
  • Unaffected by changing ambient light
  • Simple connection to PC
  • Immediate presentation of results
  • Easy static calibration
  • High accuracy
  • Frameless - unaffected by miss hits

Technical Data:

  • Calibre Range: 2 mm upwards
  • Velocity range: 20 to 3000 m/s
  • Rate of fire: theoretical 12000 Rounds/minute depending on the condition of the proving range
  • Tracer under certain conditions
  • Operating temperature: -10... 50 degrees centigrade
  • Humidity: 95 % non condensing

Photo: B590 Results.

Large variable sensor area

1 x 1 m type: centre sensor area 1 sqm, effective
sensor area approx. 2 sqm,
Calibre range from 2 mm upwards

2 x 2 m type: centre sensor area 4 sqm, effective
sensor area approx. 8 sqm
Calibre range from 4 mm upwards

3 x 3 m type: centre sensor area 9 sqm, effective
sensor area approx. 18 sqm,
Calibre range from 5 mm upwards

4 x 4 m type: centre sensor area 16 sqm, effective
sensor area approx. 32 sqm,
Calibre range from 8 mm upwards


1 x 1 m type, <=+/-1 mm
2 x 2 m type, <=+/- 2mm
3 x 3 m type, <=+/- 3mm
4 x 4 m type, <=+/- 4mm