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The company for the supply and support of state of the art instrumentation for use within Ballistics R&D and proof testing.

Internal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the processes originally accelerating a projectile.

External Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the flight of a projectile through the air.

Terminal Ballistics

Products designed for the study and analysis of the interaction between a projectile or explosion and its intended target.



The B51 IPG is mainly designed for gas pressure measurement in large calibre guns and howitzers but also for calibre sizes where the B251 can be inserted in the cartridge case or powder chamber. It can be used for development work, inspection or routine testing.

The System is based on STANAG basically consists of a rugged steel housing of small dimensions containing a built in piezoelectric transducer, micro module for data acquisition and power all built to a high standard to enable it to survive many multiple firings. With a volume of only 22 cm the influence on the measured results is minimal.

HPI’s software has been developed over a number of years to provide a special task orientated program that serves the users needs of programming, set up, operation and post firing analysis of the data.

Photo: B251.


  • Pressure Range: 6000 Bar tested, 8000 Bar calculated
  • Temperature Range -40 to 65 Deg C
  • Time basis .............................. +/- 100 ppm
  • Charge input: 0 to -12000 p
  • Offset correction: automatically
  • Sampling rate: 100 kHz to 100 Hz
  • Resolution: 12 bit
  • Memory capacity: 8 k words
  • Measurement time: 80 msec to 80 sec
  • Trigger level increasing 1 to 99% FSR
  • Pre-trigger period: 5 to 99%
  • Standby time: 4 minutes up to >48 h
  • Measurement readiness: >3 h minimum
  • Read-out readiness: >1 h
  • Volume 22 cm

Photo: B251.

The B251 not only gives the customer a maximum pressure reading inside the gun barrel but a full pressure vs time curve of the firing. Also other essential measurements including:

  • Temperature of the Gauge before and after the measurement and during interrogation.
  • Battery voltage before and after the measurement.
  • Time between 2 predefined pressure points, time between 50% max rising pressure and 50% falling pressure. Timing of 10 and 90 percentile readings.

Photo: B251 Graph.

Photo: B251 Dims.

Photo: B251 Split.